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a fun Friday night

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

So somehow it happened - I had night all to myself - a rare thing these days. I could dress. I could walk around the house without the worry of being discovered.

To start off the night, I headed to my local Victoria’s Secret. I had an exchange and also some funds left on a gift card. It was time for some new panties, and bra browsing. The store wasn’t particularly busy, so I was able to take my time and browse. It was also nice that the staff was reduced, so I wasn’t always being asked if I needed help. I found the panty assortment I wanted, and picked out some new things that I don’t typically wear. I ended up with ruched back stretch cotton hipsters (leopard print), seamless hipsters (pale gray), ribbed stretch cotton bikinis (black), lace waist cotton hipsters (cute dark green color with contrasting lace on the waist), and cotton hi leg briefs (classic white). All in all, I’d say it was a successful shopping trip.

Once at home, I grabbed a beer and headed straight to the bedroom to try on my new panties. All were a decent fit, and really cute! I was impressed how the hip huggers fit/looked on me. My lingerie drawers at home were a bit of mess, so, I decided it was the perfect night to reorganize. But first, I changed into out my purple padded VS bra, a light gray tank top, and my black boyshorts. I kept looking in the mirror... (I hadn’t hung out in the house dressed like this in a long time. I felt really good.). Anyway, two drawers of my dresser are dedicated to my crossdressing. One is all panties, folded neatly. The other drawer is where I keep all of my bras and women’s tank tops. I emptied both drawers onto the bed, and got to work sorting, folding and reorganizing everything back into the drawers. Of course, I had to stop every so often, because I came across something that I had to try on again! I made the whole exercise last much longer than it needed to, but I really enjoyed it.

That night I slept in one of my favorite Puma sports bras and a pair of cotton panties. No other clothing. Once I got under the covers, I promptly fell asleep. I’m an early riser, so I got to enjoy a cup of coffee while in my bra, tank top and panties.

It really was a fun Friday night. I don’t know when the next time like that will happen, and that’s ok. I do know that when it does, I’ll enjoy it again

- ud cd

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