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a tough month

I had to have surgery in the beginning of June. I wasn’t going to be able to wear a bra for over a month. Talk about rough. From wearing a bra (or woman’s tank top) practically daily to nothing was going to be a difficult adjustment. I couldn’t drive, and even putting on a basic t-shirt on was a process. I spent many days on the couch, unable to do anything. It was hard. My mood was effected. I tried my best to tell myself it was only temporary, but its rare that we listen to the positive voices in our head, isn’t it? I had even stopped browsing lingerie sites (what??). It wasn’t totally game over for me - I was still wearing panties daily. But I wasn’t properly dressed in my mind. You know that feeling when you leave the house without a watch on, or without your phone? I had become so accustomed to wearing either a bra or a woman’s tank top along with my panties that not being fully underdressed played hell with my head. I just didn’t feel right.

BUT - I’m finally on the mend. I am now able to put on my pull over bras. I can’t do the hooks behind my back yet, but that will come in time (I have many months of rehab ahead of me).

The first bra I put on was one of my Puma “sleep” bras (check out my post about them). Those bras are awesome because of how much stretch they have. I was able finagle my way into it. The process did hurt, but the result was worth it. I looked in the mirror and felt so good. That night was the best sleep I had since the surgery. I always find it interesting what a calming, satisfying effect being fully underdressed can have on me.

Please check back often (read - please subscribe below), I promise to post more about my crossdressing journey. -ud cd

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