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becoming more comfortable

What a weekend...

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary recently. The kids stayed the night at a friend’s house. We booked a B&B not far from our home. We were overdue for some private connecting time - snuggling in bed, massages, champagne, just “us” time.

That night also turned out to be an opportunity for me to work on my comfort level of being in just a bra and panties around her. This is something she has insisted she is OK with, but I have struggled mightily with. So much so that I usually I would put on and remove my bra in the bathroom or closet. I know, many of you would jump at the chance when your SO says to go put on a bra and panties to hang out, and a huge part of me was super excited. However, I was also VERY nervous. Sure, I liked looking at myself in a bra and panties, but, it was hard to think that my wife would like to see her “man” dressed that way. So, in that respect, I am incredibly lucky. She understands the importance of dressing to me, and her love for me is so deep that she encourages me to dress. I just need to get out of my own way.

We arrived at the B&B, checked in, and dropped our bag off. We agreed on a place for dinner. We had decided to keep it simple, so we could just enjoy time together in this amazing place. As luck would have it, there was a liquor store within sight of our chosen restaurant. We decided to get a bottle of champagne. Back at the room, pop the cork, and enjoy a glass. A short while later, she was in the tub, and I was beside her, sitting on a chair - wearing only a padded bra and panties. I had more to drink. Our conversation carried on as normal. She was unfazed by my appearance. I. Felt. So. Good. Yes I was nervous, heart pounding, but I was excited, and happy to be sitting there, with her. As our conversation progressed, and bottle became empty, I felt more comfortable. I spent the rest of the night and until we left in that bra and panties.

Crossdressing has brought ups and downs to our marriage, and I have to give all the credit in the world to my wife for accepting me, while simultaneously helping me to accept myself. Communication has been vital, along with a good dose of patience on both sides. We know we love each other, more than we could ever possibly express verbally. So for anyone on the fence, please, be patient, give your SO time to process, and enjoy the journey - together.

ud cd

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