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I’ve been meaning to get to this topic for a while. The way I express my feminine side isn’t quite as typical as other crossdressers. I simply don’t have any desire to wear a dress, heels, makeup, breast forms, wigs (much respect to those that do, I have seen some impressive transformations!). I love my bras and panties. I usually don’t feel dressed for the day unless I’m properly underdressed. My underdressing defines who I am in a big way. I’m gonna go out on a limb by guessing there are lots of crossdressers who also use women’s products as a part of their daily routine, even if they aren’t in transformation mode. I certainly do. I don’t have an explanation why other than I simply prefer products that are traditionally made/marketed to the ladies.

Here are the items I use daily:

Shampoo: Dove Derma Care

Face Wash: Olay Total Effects Revitalting Foaming Face wash

Body wash: The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream

Shave cream: Cremo lavender scent

Deodorant: Dove Advanced Care, caring coconut

Body lotion: The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body lotion

Facial moisturizer: Olay Total Effects 7in1 with SPF

Lip balm: Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy (clear)

I dunno if this info is helpful to anyone, but it feels good to share another part of my daily routine. I can’t express accurately enough how lucky I am to have my wife’s support on my udcd journey. She has been a special force in my life, and she is totally helping me feel comfort and acceptance of who I am, even when it’s hard for me to do.

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- ud cd

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