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I really love wearing bras!

Ok, so not all crossdressers may be into bras - they may look at bras as a necessary evil (as I am sure many, many women do as well!). However, for me, a bra has become a daily staple that I really, honestly look forward to putting on in the morning . I love the look and feel. But its not always easy to wear a bra full time. Sometimes, certain shirts and social occasions are simply not underdressing friendly. For those times, I skip the bra. Thankfully, my wife has helped me by checking my back to see if I need a different shirt or a different bra for that day.

Since I feel compelled to underdress everyday that means I only have very limited choices, right? Hmmm.. maybe. Since discretion is key for me while out of the house, recent fashion trends have helped me out a lot. With the influx of bralettes, and “lounge” bras. These new unlined or removable pad bras have become my everyday bras. Don’t get me wrong, I l still enjoy wearing my padded bras and underwire bras around the house, but for daily, “I’m headed out of the house” wear, these newer styles are by far the way to go.

Here are some of my faves:

Most comfortable : Calvin Klein Modern Cotton racerback bralette

I own this bra in 4 different colors. They wash well, and can hide fairly easily under most mid weight and dark colored clothing. Pricing can vary widely on these, with the basics - black, white, gray usually being the lowest priced. But the colors are great, and usually not overly expensive.

Most discrete: Victoria's Secret “The Nakeds” scoop bra

Truly soft fabric and these bras disappear under almost all clothing. I believe this bra is now discontinued, as the one I have was super cheap. I’m kinda kicking myself for not picking up a few more while they were in stock. They do have what seems to be a new variant of the bra out now, but I have yet to try it for comparison sake.

Luxury choice: Soma Enbliss racerback bralette.

These super soft bras have removable pads, and adjustable straps. These bras are undetectable from the front, and depending on how you adjust the straps, the buckles are the only potential tell. Great to wear all day and never a comfort issue. They’re aren't cheap , but Soma does run some good sales from time to time.

Worth mentioning: Gap logo pullover bra

These bras are so cute and comfortable! I love the way they look when I wear them. But, for underdressing and discretion, these are a little harder to hide under my clothes. They are great under a hoodie, or a dark button down shirt with plaid print, but otherwise the lines tend to show fairly easily. That small issue aside - the style and fit are really good! Now that the weather is turning cooler, I will be wearing these frequently - I own 3 of them!

I’m always looking at bra designs and styles. So feel free to comment what styles work for you. I will be sure to post about any new finds as well!

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