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i went shopping today!

As part of my Christmas gift, my wonderful wife got me a gift card to Soma, Also, I’ve got some holiday cash. Today, seemed like a good time to add to my lingerie collection!

Luckily, Soma and Victoria’s Secret are close to each other, I decided to shop both stores, and even took a quick tour around Aerie. Who wouldn’t want to browse multiple lingerie stores?

First stop: Victoria’s Secret. I was browsing their web site before going, and was searching for a certain bra - it looked cute, comfy, and that it would conceal itself under a lot of my clothing. Usually, the only thing I can find at VS for me (in store) is the cotton hi leg briefs. Much to my surprise, I found the bra! It was the unlined soft wireless lounge bra. I’ve been measured to be 38b, which by their sizing, a large should do. I found my color, dark violet in my size. I was excited! Here is the bra. I’ll follow up on fit soon.

Next up: Aerie. The store was much busier than VS. I suppose their real me models are really winning people over. I think it’s awesome. I wanted to look at their cotton boybrief panties, and the Real Me bralettes. The sales associate that asked to help me took time to show me two different bralettes, and even commented that I may like one better, because it was a pullover bra, which meant - her words - “no bumps on the back”. Ultimately I didn’t find a bra in my size in a color I was interested in. As far as the panties go, the store stock was really low... I think I just missed a sale. I could only find black. So, I left empty handed, but I do certainly plan to shop there again. I think the bra and panties will be comfy, and the bra should hopefully disappear under my guy clothes.

Last stop: Soma. I had purchased some panties for my wife as a gift. A few styles didn’t work for her, so I went to exchange them, and see what goodies I could get with my gift card (Because my lingerie drawer always needs new additions, right?). First things first, get her stuff squared away. And yes, I made sure we have a couple of matching pairs! After that was done, I found the clearance rack of bras. It was right by the fitting room, and the manager knows that I shop for myself. I asked if I could use the fitting room, and she said go for it. I love trying on bras in the store. One, I’m excited to try on something new. Second, a CD friendly store/associate makes all difference in not feeling like a freak, rather just a regular customer. I found two bras - the Enbliss demi, and the Enbliss bralette. Fortunately, I liked how both fit. The demi will be for downtime at home, since it has molded cups. I got it in the color Adobe Rose, because I have a pair of panties the same color. The bralette I found in a nice blue color, and the pads were removable. I also have the matching color panties, score! This bra can immediately go into my daily underdressing rotation. The material is sooo soft, and the band doesn’t ever feel too tight.

I only spent $15 of my cash, and, I still have money left over on my Soma gift card thanks to the great sale pricing! That means another trip is in my future! All in all I’d say it was a successful shopping trip.

Where should I head next? Any special bra or panty recommendations? Suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for reading! Please subscribe to get updates as I ramble on more about underdressing and crossdressing.

- ud cd

*not my store, thanks Google for a good pic

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