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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

First off, thanks for checking out this blog. Welcome everyone - undressers, crossdressers, significant others, and anyone who is curious about this lifestyle. While I may not venture as deep into crossdressing as other folks, I appreciate and respect their journey.

I’ve struggled with my crossdressing... I enjoy what I see in the mirror, and how a bra and panties feels on my body. But too many times, that happiness is also followed by immense guilt for liking it. I’m not nice to myself. I am certain that others go through the same thing. I have purged clothes, only to replace them again (rinse, repeat, right?).

I plan to use this blog to document things that I enjoy about underdressing, crossdressing, and other feminine things that have become part of my routine. My wife and I have had ups and downs with this (many more ups than downs thankfully), and I will post about some of the trials and tribulations we have endured together.

This is my first post... bear with me. I’ve never done anything like this before. I will do what I can to keep adding relevant content as I document my crossdressing journey. Please check out the about me page to learn a little more about me.

I am not sure where this site will go, but I hope this will be helpful/entertaining to anyone who reads it.

- udcd

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