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panty drawer overhaul

i discovered new favorites ...

Panties. Im sure many women don’t really think about them. They are just a mundane part of their daily routine. Sure they may have have “date night” panties, or perhaps certain pairs for certain occasions, but it’s different for crossdressers. Panties started my own underdressing journey over 20 years ago. Over those years I’ve tried many brands, styles, materials and colors. I love how women’s underwear changes seasonally. I know I always look forward to new prints and colors several times per year. My go-to favorites for a long time have been Victoria’s Secret Cotton Hi Leg Briefs and Jockey No Panty Line Promise hi cut. No other underwear had as many spots in my panty drawer as VS and Jockey. Lately? My tried and true VS panties barely see the light of day. Those Jockeys? They haven’t been out of my drawer for months. Don’t worry, I didn’t purge them. Those cute panties are still in my drawer. I didn’t revert to drab men’s underwear either (those days are OVER).

Last year, I ventured into a Soma Intimates store. I had never shopped there before, and wanted to see what the brand was about. I really wasn’t expecting to make a purchase, but it was a chance to look at lingerie! The store manager greeted me quickly, and was very friendly. I asked to see hi leg panties. She pointed me to the Vanishing Edge Microfiber with lace lineup. These looked really good, with pretty florals, cute prints too! But I usually stayed away from lace anything. The price was more than I usually paid for panties, but I could feel the quality difference compared to my usual pairs. I had a feeling that these panties would outlast my others. I took a gamble on them, and made the purchase. I got home, went right to the bedroom, and tried them on. Great fit, great feel, and my butt looked good! I had to see what else Soma had to offer.

Discovering a new brand helped me determine that perhaps it was time to work on a panty drawer overhaul. Back to the Soma store I went. Enter Embraceable Super Soft hipsters. The name nailed it, these things really are super soft! These are simply some of the most comfortable panties I have worn. I like the “support” and coverage up front. The full coverage on the rear feels like a custom fit. I can wear these in either size L or XL (XL is my preference, the L is good, just a little more snug up front). The florals are pretty, most of the prints are cute, the solid colors are simple and basic. The lace waistband is now something I really like. I never saw that coming!

For something more basic, the Soma Enbliss Soft Stretch hipsters are awesome. I now have a few pairs in basic colors - black, dark blue, steel gray. These panties are great for when I find myself in social situations that my more obvious panties would not be a good choice to wear. The basic colors and plain waistband would not send up any red flags if I accidentally showed a little panty peek. When I was helping a friend with a home project a few weeks back, there was no way I was risking a lace waistband poking out from my jeans. Sure, I am careful, but cannot guarantee 100% concealment. I'm not as worried if someone accidentally got a glimpse of these (although long, stretchy undershirts do a nice job of hiding waistbands).

So now that I have discovered Soma and their amazing panties, am I done? Um, No! Soma is currently the leader in my panty drawer. However, lingerie seems to be limitless in terms of selection. I want in on that fun! Without a doubt, the Embraceable Super Soft hipsters are currently my favorite daily wear panties. I know I will still try other brands in the future.

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Below: Soma Embraceable Super Soft hipster

Below: Soma Embraceable Super Soft hipster and Enbliss Soft Stretch Hipster

(front view top, rear on bottom) All images from

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