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recalling my first bra fitting

(Remember I’ve been wearing panties for over 20 years, bras were on and off, but now worn daily - and those bras have primarily been sports bras or bralettes with letter sizing, never a true band number and cup letter.)

So back in June of 2019 I ventured into a Victorias Secret store. I was casually browsing, but looking for a fun bra and panty set that I could undress in easily. I could see the store staff get on their headsets, there was a guy in here, go sell him stuff! Little did they know...

So one of the associates greets me, and asks if I know what size “she“ is. I was nervous, and quietly said I wasn’t sure, because I was shopping for me. She wasn‘t fazed at all. No strange look. I was just another customer. She offered to measure me for a bra. What? Really? This was possible? I didnt think a guy could be in the fitting room let alone get measured for a bra at Victoria’s Secret. Even more nervous now, I asked her if 1: she was ok doing that, and 2: if it was ok that I was back in the fitting room area. She said it was not a problem at all, and walked me to the fitting rooms. She found an empty room, and followed me inside, where she proceeded to measure me. Then she went back into the store and got several bras for me to try on. I know my heart was pounding, I was so nervous, but also excited. The associate was great. She even offered to adjust the straps to ensure a good fit. It was a surreal experience; being treated as a regular customer, not some kind of freak or outcast, and not having to guess a size, go home try it on and bring it back for a different size (thats the worst).

Needless to say, I bought a new bra that night - although this one had molded cups so it didn’t exactly work with my daily underdressing routine. However it is still a bra I enjoy wearing in the privacy and calm of late evenings at home, where I can enjoy it without fear of anyone finding out.

The moral of this story is: do not hesitate to tell a store associate that you are shopping for yourself. They want a sale, regardless of who will be wearing what you are purchasing. Take a chance, be honest with this stranger about yourself, and you will be surprised.

-ud cd

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