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recent panty faves...

hi everyone!

It's been a bit since I have mentioned what panties are I am currently loving. With so many brands, styles, materials out there, I always switch it up. Of course, I have my good old standbys (my tried-and-true favorites), but I love to shop, so it makes sense that my panty collection grows! Certainly, I have had some misses, but that's all part of the fun!

new comfy panties:

Victoria's Secret Logo Cotton Hiphugger (found here)

What's great: good up-front coverage (nothing falls out), and rear coverage doesn't give me a wedgie! The waistband doesn't roll down. I have several of the patterns, and also some solid colors. I really like the slight color contrast on the waistband as well. I really do enjoy them all. I have not yet tried the velvet option, but I am intrigued. I am sure I will have that purple pair in my panty drawer soon enough! I have tried the same style in the non-logo waist, and they just do not fit the same - weird yes, but that is what I have experienced.

What's not so great: I find that in VS hiphuggers, I have to size up compared to their hi-leg style. So, that means XL for me, and sometimes that means more limits on colors/patterns. The Pink line has some very cute prints, but they cut the rear to be more of a cheeky look, and that just doesn't work for me.

check them out:

feelin' pretty panties:

Soma Embraceable Signature Lace Hipster (found here)

what's great: True to size. L is a good fit. Nothing falls out up front, and my rear is covered. The material is so soft, it just feels amazing. The lace details up front and around back are so pretty! I love the way these make me feel when I wear them. These wash really well too - and hold their shape! They change colors and patterns with the seasons, so there is always a reason to check them out.

what's not so great: Availability. I guess it's still post COVID supply chain issues, but stores don't seem to have as much variety available, at least not in my area. So, when you see that new pattern or color you gotta have, order it! While ordering online is OK, it just sucks waiting for my new panties to arrive!

Check out this cute print (yes, I own a pair)


Back (I wish they would actually show the print you select, but they do not)

a little splurge (something new!):

Tommy John Women's Air Brief (found here)

what's great: These panties live up to the name "Air". They are super light, super stretchy, and truly feel like you aren't wearing anything! They lay flat against my skin, no panty lines at all. Up front everything stays in place, and in the rear, you are nicely covered. They are machine washable and dryable. Sizing is very accurate as well. Also be sure to check out their Second Skin Brief (rather amazing as well).

what's not so great: Price. These aren't cheap. But do go on sale from time to time. This is a basic item for Tommy John, so there are no patterns, but there are lots of pretty solid colors to choose from. While the rear does cover well, you can get the occasional wedgie, so contrary to their slogan, some adjustment may be needed! (I still love 'em tho)



thanks for checking out my new favorite panties. Let me know what you are loving lately!

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