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So many bras, so many panties, so little time to try them all (wouldn’t that be fun)! I thought I’d take a moment to mention some of my go-to items for daily underdressing. As mentioned before, I try to wear a bra and panties every day. I am fortunate that my job has a very relaxed dress code. Usually, my “uniform” for work is along the lines of jeans and a hoodie in the colder months, swapping the hoodie for a short sleeve polo shirt in the warm months.

Where it all began - panties. Lately, I’ve been primarily wearing 3 brands and cuts that have been really working for me. Cute colors/patterns, good materials and all day comfort

  1. Victorias Secret Cotton High Leg Brief (I know, I know - BORING, but hear me out) - They are just good, comfortable panties. Good classic design with plenty of “up front” coverage. You can go from basic white, to waist lace plaid print, to animal print, all while getting them at a good price (if you can be patient, wait for the 10 for $35 deal!). There are others in the VS line up, and I’ll get into those later.

  2. Jockey Supersoft French Cut panties -no b.s. about it, these panties are soft. They feel great, wash well and keep everything in place nicely. One drawback - must buy in three packs. I really wish I could mix and match from the choices to make my own custom 3 pack. WIth that being said, I have my eye on the Prismatic/Bubble Bath/Deep Teal assortment next! Check out the reviews on Jockey’s web site - a lot are guys saying how much they love them. Give them a shot, you wont be sorry! Don’t worry, I am not forgetting the No Panty Line promise line (tactel nylon is awesome)., I have those as well, and that is good material (no pun intended) for another post.

  3. Last, but certainly not least. These are new to me - I recently lost 15lbs, so I treated myself to new panties in a smaller size! I took a chance on “budget” panties with Fruit of the Loom seamless hipsters. They are nylon, and come in a great multi pack (lots of nice colors). I was skeptical, because hipsters can be hit or miss for me fit wise. I am happy to report these panties feel just awesome, and look pretty good on.. I highly recommend them.

Now...just because those are my current top 3 panties for underdressing, that doesn’t mean that’s all that I have in my panty drawer.. I’ll share more on that soon. Please remember to like and subscribe for updates, it would really mean a lot to me!

-ud cd

p.s. Bra faves coming soon!

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