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Surprising... thank you!

Ok... So, I’m not sure how this happened, but it’s exciting. I was so nervous to post a blog of this nature, as dressing is a very private part of my life. Last spring when I started this blog, I posted a link to it in the sub Reddit for crossdressing. However, the link showed a preview image of my site (including the lingerie pics), and it was removed. No big deal, I wasn’t looking to make waves.

Since then I really haven’t done anything to promote the site.. I’ve simply posted my own ramblings more as a therapeutic outlet for myself. If by chance, someone else found the site and could relate - amazing. If not, I was helping myself by putting my own weirdness into the universe! (Kidding, I know it’s not weird, it’s just who I am)

Anyway... someone somewhere somehow posted a link to this place, and views have gone up quite a bit and some encouraging comments have been posted. That really made me feel good about taking this leap of faith. So - thank you everyone reading and subscribing. It certainly backs up the fact that no, you are not the only one that feels this way.

Thanks again, and more posts are coming soon!

ud cd

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